Youth In Action

At Point Europa we promote and engage in the Youth in Action programme which is funded by the European Union. The programme offers a range of activities for young people and those who support them:

European Voluntary Service  

EVS is an inclusive, exciting, constructive and social opportunity to volunteer abroad for up to one year. It gives the opportunity for young people (18-30) to go to other countries for 6-12 months and work as volunteers. All travel, language training, task related training and living expenses are included.

We currently host 4 young people from across the European Union to live and work within our local community. The range of activities include work at the local pre-school, primary school, conservation work and supporting our local charities and community activities.

We regret that we are currently unable to offer outgoing projects for British young people, due to budget restrictions. You can find a list of the current sending organisations in the UK, and further information, from the UK National Agency

Short-duration Youth Exchanges  
The Youth in Action programme can fund international exchange visits for young people, normally of one week's duration. These are created around a specific theme such as sport, art, theatre or environment - but the options are endless. Groups of young people meet, work and learn together, to build new friendships and new skills in a European setting

Training courses for Youth Workers  
The programme offers the opportunity to create training and professional development courses for youth workers, in an international setting. There are a large number of courses around Europe each year, on a wide range of themes.

For more information on Youth in Action, please write to or phone 01752 822186.

Silvestre, Richard and Ludwig - EVS 2013-2014 Working at Mount Edgcumbe.